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Poison Ivy for SIX years.

Subject: Poison Ivy for SIX years.
Author: Ethan Kanar
Date: 5/22/2010 7:22 am
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There once was a boyscout who loved to play manhunt on his camp-outs. He would hide in bushes and climb in trees. One day he climbed a very special tree that had its very own protection. As he was standing upon one of the branches, the branch snapped suddenly leaving him helpless and clinging to the tree all the way down. While falling, he scraped his stomach on the tree along with rubbing alllllll over the tree's "protection." He later discovers a rash on his abdomen and realizes that it was poison ivy. The boyscout's kind mother immediately goes to the store to purchase some Zanfel, but his attempts at halting the poison ivy are useless. Two day's later he goes on a field trip to seaworld and by this point in time, his face is starting to show some redness and swelling on the cheeks. Little did he know that by the end of the day, his whole face would be covered in poison ivy all the way to his eyelids. His parents rush him to the doctor first thing in the morning only to find out that he has poison ivy and prescribes a cream to get rid of it. Days go by without any signs of the poison ivy retreating and so he returns to his doctor. The doctor then informs him that he has "Systemic Poison Ivy" and that it may take more time to get rid of it. He leaves the doctor's office, but this time with a prescription for some prednisone. This got rid of all the poison ivy except for a small amount between his right index and middle finger. His doctor gave him another cream for his hand and that was that. A year goes by and he still has the rash. He decides to see a dermatologist but that just earned him another cream.

I have given up on seeing my doctor about this as it is no use. I had my six year anniversary with my poison ivy on April 22 of this year. I continue to have the rash between my fingers and recently, on the bottom of my foot. I found this site and figured it couldn't hurt to post something and see if anyone had any similar experiences with poison ivy or if they had any suggestions. I am open for anything at this point and just want it gone.

Let me know what you think.

Poison Ivy for SIX years. (Approved)Ethan Kanar5/22/2010 7:22 am
  Re: Poison Ivy for SIX years. (Approved)Jeff P7/5/2010 8:03 pm