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Re: Cleaning patio furniture

Subject: Re: Cleaning patio furniture
Author: Lara
Date: 5/18/2010 2:53 pm
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I read on here to use mineral spirits on tools and things or Dawn dish washing liquid; its the one used by the animal rescuers to save birds and water-life covered in crude oil. I used BOTH on mine but then again I am paranoid now.

I'd be careful though, very very careful. Since its probably all over your yard, trees, fence and outside of your house.

I'd also talk to the neighbor and let them know the burning of such can put people in the hospital and leave them legally liable if ordinances note no burning of noxious plants.
Mainly because people can inhale it and he just doesn't need to make someone that sick.

Cleaning patio furniture (Approved)Denise5/17/2010 12:51 pm
  Re: Cleaning patio furniture (Approved)Lara5/18/2010 2:53 pm