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Re: Poison Ivy & Brazillian Pepper

Subject: Re: Poison Ivy & Brazillian Pepper
Author: Carla
Date: 5/4/2010 6:08 pm
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Carla, by coincidence I'm Carla too. You'll be interested to know that mango peel, leaves and vines contain urushiol. That's the same oil that's in poison ivy that causes the rash. I don't eat mangoes, so I've never had a reaction (makes sense), so I've never tried Ivyoff on it, but it couldn't hurt. If the oil is the same, I dont' see why not.

Poison Ivy & Brazillian Pepper (Approved)Carla5/2/2010 10:47 am
  Re: Poison Ivy & Brazillian Pe (Approved)Carla5/4/2010 6:08 pm