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Using Moisturizers

Subject: Using Moisturizers
Author: BobtheJrDermo
Date: 1/12/2010 9:46 am
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OK I thought I had Eczema since I got a rash on the inside of my arm and let it sit a while I tried to figure out what I was coming into contact with. I had a swiming pool rash 3 month earlier since the place cleaned their pool with Bromine and not Cholorine or Salt water which does not bother me. So I let the rash sit for a and then finally put cortizone on it which somewhat helped but I also started to puttons of moisturizer on the location and it appeared to be getting worst. The Moisturizer has oil in it and I think it spread it since and it got worse and spread. Stopped the moisturizer and it stopped the spread. Has anyone used oil based moisturizers and seen it spread?

At this point, I used Calamine lotion for 24 hours and went swiming in the chlorine pool the welps are gone but in the crease of my arm which is the tender point is dry and burns so I stopped the calamine but I still have very red patches. Starting to wonder if it is something else ?

Using Moisturizers (Approved)BobtheJrDermo1/12/2010 9:46 am