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I do not believe it doesn't spread by scratching

Subject: I do not believe it doesn't spread by scratching
Author: Dan
Date: 12/24/2009 10:50 am
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I'm reading this information while i'm suffering from a decent case of Poison Ivy, I've exhaustively researched all kinds of rashes and it's obvious that it has been caused by poison ivy. I went running 6 days ago and stopped to pee in the bushes mid run. That night the itching started in my genital area and next morning I had a small red rash growing in that area and my eye was swollen and I had a small rash on my face. The next day it spread out along my hips and I started Cortizone and Calamine lotion treatment along with taking Benadryl. Two days later the rash blossomed near my knee and has slowly worked down to my ankles.
Now I'm seriously not going to believe that this rash does not spread by scratching. I've had it before over the course of my life and every single time it's spread out along my arms or legs the more I scratch , and gone from one leg to the other leg etc, finally drying out after a week or two. It does spread to the body though and in a logical fashion. Starting at the top of a leg and working its way down, or starting at the wrist and working up to the biceps. How would this be possible if the rash does not spread through scratching?

I do not believe it doesn't sp (Approved)Dan12/24/2009 10:50 am
  Re: I do not believe it doesn' (Approved)Brian12/31/2009 1:34 pm