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Re: Memory Skin

Subject: Re: Memory Skin
Author: cowgirl8
Date: 11/22/2009 2:58 pm
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I don't know if i need to start a new thread on this subject, but I'd like to find out more about the rash coming back with no contact.
What is happening with me is this. I got a very bad case of poison ivy in January of this year. It covered my arms from hands to pits, it was horrible and left scars. Now, whenever i get a bruise, i get a rash like poison ivy over it. When this first happened on my knee, i just figured it was a coincidence and forgot about it. Then the other day i got 2 very deep bruises on my arms and today, they are covered in a rash and itch like crazy. I read on another forum where people were getting rashes on bruises and comparing them to poison ivy and it made me think that since these people also compare their rash to poison ivy, they obviously know the rash personally and could it be that for some reason a bad case of poison ivy does something to the inner system, whether it be the immune system or some sort of allergic mechanism that make some people do this.
Wonder if i should do a poll here and see if maybe people who search out this site with bad poison ivy, will remember they read this if they start getting rashes on bruises later on and come back to report it. I'd like to know if poison ivy did this to me...

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