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How bad can it get?

Subject: How bad can it get?
Author: chris
Date: 10/22/2009 12:47 pm
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I was cutting fire wood two days ago and now have pretty severe Poison Oak from head to toe(yes). I've had poison oak before and am aware that I get a bad reaction but it has never been this bad. My arm is swollen to the point that I can't bend it, blisters are starting to break on their own. I have used poison oak soap, technu, and anti itch cream. Its reacting like normal everywhere but my arm. At what point do I go to the ER? Is there anything the doc can do?

Knowing that I have a reaction I always wash after I'm in the woods, before it gets to this point I guess I didn't get it soon enough.

How bad can it get? (Approved)chris10/22/2009 12:47 pm