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Re: eating poison ivy

Subject: Re: eating poison ivy
Author: CJ
Date: 8/31/2009 8:03 am
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Just for the record, I have eaten poison ivy... I got a real bad case of it a few years ago & someone told me to eat it. So I got a few leaves, put them in a piece of bread & ate it. My friend says he only eats a little part of a leaf though. so it does not seem to matter how much/how little of it you eat. But eather way, the next day my skin was almost clear! It was then gone by the following day. so yes, I hate to say it, but it not only works, but thereafter you are not allergic to it anymore (at least for the rest of that season/year). But another friend of mine, his family tends to boil it and eat the broth every year & they say that they are not allergic to poison ivy or oak... now I do not know for certain if the same thing would apply for certain with oak, and I really do not know about sumac, but I can certainly tell you that for ivy, it really works great!! (oh, and it really does not taste bad....)
Thanks & good luck!

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