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Killing Poison ivy

Subject: Killing Poison ivy
Author: Richard
Date: 8/17/2009 5:09 pm
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I live on 7 acres of land 45 minutes west of Philly. The property has 70 to 100' tress and over the past several years I have been cutting many of them down that are treatening to our home. To kill the poison that grows up the side of the tress I usually cut a 2" pices at the base of the tree out of the vine. Today I went to look at that piece I cut a few days ago which was about 2" in diameter. The piece that is coiming out of the ground is dripping sap from it. This is the first time I have every scene this. How gross.

Killing Poison ivy (Approved)Richard8/17/2009 5:09 pm