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Re: Healing Stage

Subject: Re: Healing Stage
Author: Rachael
Date: 8/13/2009 1:00 pm
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I contracted poison ivy from merely sitting in a chair at an outdoors wedding for one hour..i'm guessing they dragged the chair thru PI. the next day i thought i had "mosquito bites" on my arms but by monday they were turning into poison ivy rash.
since i didn't know how best to wash the Urushiol oil off, i'm sure that it was in my house (doorknobs, oven, sinks, counters etc...) and even my bed sheets. i threw away one pillow and am going to get my laundry done...this just once....so i don't have to touch it...
it got SO horrendously bad that Hydrocortizone cream, rubbing alcohol, zanfel and tecnu washes all did NOTHING to help it....it got very swollen. the doctor had to give me a shot and also prednezone (sp) and it seems to be a LOT less swollen now and starting to scale....this is my second week with it now. Calamine lotions' helped A LOT!!! and also ice packs covered in paper towels and benedryl strips...try all of those..they help...italso spread to my face and neck and to my side....
i just hope it doesn't scar and i feel for all who've had it out there! it's a nightmare.

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