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Re: severe case

Subject: Re: severe case
Author: KG
Date: 8/3/2009 2:16 pm
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I feel your sons pain. I was exposed June 12th and am STILL having flares. I went to the ED and was put on pred but a very small dose and broke through. I then demanded my doctore put me on high-dose and was on that for about 3weeks. Once I stopped the pred I flared a little and then it got better but it took a good 6-7weeks. And as I said I am still flaring. I am using a steroid cream called Clobesterol for the flares.

Calagel worked pretty good and if he is itching ask for Atarax, worked better than Benadryl for me.

I would also see a dermatologist if the doctor isnt willing to help. I think some people think poison ivy is a joke but believe me almost two months later I am not laughing!

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