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Author: stacey
Date: 7/19/2009 10:22 am
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I am needing help if anyone can say and words of wisdom, my son came down with what I think is poison ivy, started last Sunday, looked like he went on wet tar or something, dark black scratches that looked really deep, he said he had not went on tar or anything, but that he had went by some weeds at a friends house, by Monday night I new that it was poison ivy, weeping spreading blisters etc... got worse yada yada kept spreading, brought him into the Dr., was given prednisone orally 20mg tice a day for 7 days,( he also said we could quit it after 5 that he will be much better in a few days)..my son has taken 9 doses of prednisone and it is still spreading and the steroids had not helped, we are doing the aveeno baths, washing with dish soap, did the technu stuff right after it happened, are doing oral benadryl...I am not sure what to do but its now over 80 percent of his body.... HELP..my next step is the ER, its Sunday am and I am not sure what to do now...

HELP SEVERE CASE (Approved)stacey7/19/2009 10:22 am
  Re: HELP SEVERE CASE (Approved)Ken7/31/2009 4:47 pm