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Re: Worst outbreak case

Subject: Re: Worst outbreak case
Author: AB
Date: 7/12/2009 12:27 pm
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have you tried going to the doctor or an allergist? i am currently in the hospital because of my severe outbreak of poison sumac....i have been here for 5 days and am still recovering....we are not sure how i got it because i wasnt in the woods, but we think that i got it from a bonfire at a friends house and they burned wood with the oils on it and i was standing right in the smoke and it was airborne....i have it on my face, chest, right arm, stomache, and the insides of both legs.....i had gone to the doctors 2x and they gave me steroids, and then the 2nd time a steroid shot and a benedryl shot.....none helped. so i went to the doctor once again and the rash had gotten worse and they sent me straight to the hospital. they told me that i had the worse case they have ever seen. they brought in infectious disease specialists and did a biopsy and culture because they thought that i coudve brought a disease from my recent trip to costa rica....but nothing came from it and the antibiotics and steroids they gave me from the IV were helping with the rash. it has been really intense, but i am recovering.....i think u should go see an allergist or doctor to see whats going on because i know that if i didnt come to the hospital, i dont even know what would have happened to me!

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