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Poison Ivy Trees?

Subject: Poison Ivy Trees?
Author: MrsLohman
Date: 7/6/2009 9:38 am
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Does Poison Ivy grow as a tree, or only as a vine? I have a tree growing in my back yard that I'm just not quite sure about. It's in an area of my yard that has become quite overgrown and I would like to start clearing it away to build a privacy fench (to block out some annoying neighbors, but the leaves look like poison ivy to me. I'm very illergic to the stuff and thus, am a little hesitant on getting started. Please help!

Poison Ivy Trees? (Approved)MrsLohman7/6/2009 9:38 am
  Re: Poison Ivy Trees? (Approved)Brian7/7/2009 8:24 am