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Pregnancy and Poison Ivy

Subject: Pregnancy and Poison Ivy
Author: downtownpoet
Date: 6/30/2009 5:46 pm
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I got into Poison Ivy or one of its cousins about 10 days ago. I've also just taken a pregnancy test and found out I'm pregnant. The rash has covered my arms and it appears to be drying up. I was only using calamine lotion until I talked with my doctor. Now I'm using some antihistamines. The doctor also prescribed me some steroid cream, but apparently it is a category C drug which could be potentially harmful to a baby.

My question is this. If I do not use the steroid cream, is the potential of worsening rash more harmful to my unborn child than the potential harm of the steroid cream?

Also, if anyone has used the steroid cream during pregnancy it would be helpful to know.

Thanks so much!

Pregnancy and Poison Ivy (Approved)downtownpoet6/30/2009 5:46 pm
  Re: Pregnancy and Poison Ivy (Approved)Brian7/1/2009 3:55 pm