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Does poison ivy wind itself around plants?

Subject: Does poison ivy wind itself around plants?
Author: Tim
Date: 6/26/2009 3:39 pm
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Quick question, I've been searching online for the answer and hope you can help:

I know poison ivy pretty well, worked in a nature preserve, but I've got a little vine growing in one shady part of my yard I'm not sure of. Very similar leaf pattern, but all green (stems and leaves) and no flowers or buds anywhere)-- but these wind and wind themselves very tightly around the stems of neighboring plants and do not seem to have aerial roots, though they have a very fine hair on the vine.

Does anybody know if poison ivy can behave like this, winding itself in tight circles like a spring coiling around other plants? I'm used to the plants, bushes, and climbing vine, but not these intense twisting patterns.

I can post a pic later but for now: any thoughts? Much obliged.

Does poison ivy wind itself ar (Approved)Tim6/26/2009 3:39 pm
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