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delayed onset rash - systemic?

Subject: delayed onset rash - systemic?
Author: Kaki
Date: 6/8/2009 4:15 pm
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I cleaned out a fence row in Michigan two weeks ago today. The day after the yard work I developed one small patch of poison ivy/oak on on my arm. It healed up and I counted myself lucky. All the clothes I wore were washed in hot water and run through an extra rinse.

Last Friday (10 days after the exposure) I developed two new patches -- on my face and hip -- which are more severe and are weeping. Over the weekend, several more small red patches have developed. I KNOW the clothes I wore cannot have traces of the oil on them since they have been washed once the day of contamination and then again last week. (I was on vacation in Michigan and washed the clothes there, then washed them again before putting them away when I returned to Colorado.) None of the tools came home with me.

Does anyone know what would cause a delayed onset? Is it in my bloodstream? Do I need to see a doctor? (This is a fairly mild case which I would normally just treat. The delayed onset worries me as I don't want to keep getting new patches for months.)

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