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Subject: Medical Treatment Recommendation/Info
Author: Jon
Date: 6/1/2009 7:38 pm
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I thought I'd post this here for discussion and informative purposes. I had a very bad case of Poison Ivy and it got into my blood stream. For anyone concerned with the cost of a doctor visit, local clinics with CRNPs are definitely the cheaper way to go. I went after the rash started spreading after 7 days of agony and that was too late as I already had an infection and systematic PI. It cost me around $80 for the visit and meds. I got this information from Walgreen's take care clinic's treatment plan for Prednisone, but I think it's generally good advice for urisol problems.

Treatment Plan:
- Advised to avoid scratching skin as much as possible
- Advised to bathe in cool or warm water and to avoid hot water
- Advised to minimize use of soap
- Advised to wear loose-fitting cotton clothing and to avoid fabric softener products for the washer and dryer
- Advised that getting hot and/or sweaty will make the rash itch more
- Advised to consider Calamine lotion for the itch
- Advised to try a colloidal oatmeal bath, or a baking soda bath, 1/2 cup per tub, to help soothe the rash
- Advised to wash all clothing, including shoes and socks, and any equipment that comes into contact with the plants/plant oils.
- Advised to bathe pets that came into contact with the plants/plant oils

Well there you have it. Don't be retarded like me. If you're in agony, you probably need to see somebody. If I hadn't gone in by day 7, I probably would have had to be hospitalized. Good luck.

Medical Treatment Recommendati (Approved)Jon6/1/2009 7:38 pm