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First time PO sufferer

Subject: First time PO sufferer
Author: Kerry W
Date: 5/9/2009 9:34 am
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Hi all,

I have just been told I have poison oak rash over both my legs. I must have gotten it while venturing into growth to pick up my dogs poop while out on a walk. I remember cutting my leg by a vine where the very worst is, so am pretty sure that's when it happened but didn't put 2+2 together as have never had it before, and didn't even know what the plant looked like. I have spent the past week being treated for a fungal infection by a doctor (shouldn't they be able tell a poison oak rash?!), and the treatment hasn't touched it. So I finally couldn't stand it any more and went to a Dermatologist. She took one glance at it and knew what it was. I am on a super-potent topical steriod cream and it is helping quite a lot thank goodness. I have many of those little blister "line", but I also have an area that's about 3"x3" (where the vine actually broke the skin) that is disgusting look. Deep, puffy, red (it was a few days ago a super dark purple). It doesn't look like it will ever go away, but am assuming it will with with. Does this stuff scar, as this certainly looks like it will leave its mark...
Thanks much!

First time PO sufferer (Approved)Kerry W5/9/2009 9:34 am
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  Re: First time PO sufferer (Approved)melissa5/15/2009 10:31 am