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Re: gasoline and poisen ivy

Subject: Re: gasoline and poisen ivy
Author: J Rose
Date: 5/3/2009 11:53 am
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I am a long sufferer of allergies to poison ivy, oak, etc. I have always looked for the best remedy. I have found only one solution that really dries out the rash. If you break the blisters and get the ooze out, then put some bleach in a bowl of hot water. It needs to be strong enough for you to be able to smell the bleach. Then, soak the area in the bleach water. If you can't get your skin into the water, I have found that taking a cotton ball or q-tip with the bleach on it and then spreading that on the rash is just as effective. One word of warning- THIS WILL HURT!!!! However, every single time I have done this at least twice a day, but usually more, the rash clears up quicker than cream or ointment and medication. The itch also goes away quicker. I can handle any rash, as long as it doesn't itch like THAT!!!! Good luck!

gasoline and poisen ivy (Approved)daniel 5/2/2009 7:16 am
  Re: gasoline and poisen ivy (Approved)J Rose5/3/2009 11:53 am