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Whoops :( Poison Ivy Questions

Subject: Whoops :( Poison Ivy Questions
Author: Andre
Date: 4/19/2009 8:06 pm
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Well I cut down a tree yesterday. Then cut it into 16" sections for firewood. There was a vine on it so I pulled it off. With my bare hands of course. I touched everything like normal, clothes, cigarettes (which I then smoked) etc.

Well turns out the vine was poison ivy :( Soooo my questions are:

1) Considering I cut the vine with a chain saw and touched the ends and other parts with my bare hands how likely is it I cam in contact with the "oils"?

2) Its been over 24 hours and nothing. How long does it take to get poison ivy?

3) If the oils were on my hands (Which they must have been) and a touched a cigarette then smoked said cigarette did I just inhale poison ivy?

Any tips, advice, suggestions?

Whoops :( Poison Ivy Question (Approved)Andre4/19/2009 8:06 pm
  Re: Whoops :( Poison Ivy Ques (Approved)Linda5/10/2009 1:18 am