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Subject: Oooooozing
Author: Lorraine
Date: 4/18/2009 8:21 pm
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OK, so I have this stupid poison ivy just often enough to make me crazy and not enough to remember how it progresses. Last time was 16 years ago and I was pregnant, and that is so much more surface area to scratch so I shouldn't be complaining about it, but this time I got a small spot on one arm, and I think it transferred to the other arm while I slept. I washed it off within a few hours of realizing what it was. But still, it seems to get bigger every day, and now it is ooozing like crazy. It has been almost a week, and new spots right next to the originals keep popping up. I have used The Poison Ivy Soap (works pretty well to keep the it from itching), and Ivarest. The questions I have are:

1. how long does the oooozing last? days or weeks? It seems to just keep going. (maybe if I stop drinking water it will stop!)
2. What can you do to either dry up the oooozing or soak it up and not get your clothes nasty.
3. How long does this stuff last?

I half-way considered putting a hot iron to it to burn it off, cause I know how to deal with a burn. I didn't, but I am still considering it! Thanks for any ideas you have! ( I am thinking of burning the place down to get rid of the stuff once and for all. Course, I would leave the state when I do so I don't breath the air!)

Oooooozing (Approved)Lorraine4/18/2009 8:21 pm