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Poison Ivy or Something else

Subject: Poison Ivy or Something else
Author: Tracy
Date: 4/7/2009 1:23 pm
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Hi Yesterday I took my dog for a walk in the woods here in not so sunny NH, within a couple of hours of coming home, my chin started to itch and my wrist, but most oddly is that my eyelids and areas around my eyes got puffy itchy and sore. Today I started Benadryl and Calamine lotion. There are tiny bumps very close together on my wrist and a good portion of my chin. The skin around my eyes is puffy taut red and itchy. Can this be poison ivy? Has anyone else had their eye area affected? Maybe there are a couple of things going on, if not better tomorrow off to the Dr.

Poison Ivy or Something else (Approved)Tracy4/7/2009 1:23 pm
  Re: Poison Ivy or Something el (Approved)Mike4/8/2009 2:11 am