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At my wit's end

Subject: At my wit's end
Author: Kristine Tom
Date: 3/18/2009 2:59 pm
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I've had what I think is poison oak for almost 6 weeks now. I'm absolutely miserable. I have been to five doctors and they can't agree on what it is, however two mentioned poison oak so I've pursued this route.

It started with oral steroids, then two forms of topical steroids. One started giving me hives to I stopped using it.

Then I went to visit a Chinese doctor who gave me some herbs (xiao feng) mixed with calamin lotion and the same herbs in a liquid to take orally. I just started this a couple of days ago. This past week I detailed the apt., car, and laundry with Fel Naptha which is supposed to cut through the oil. I also shaved my dog and then bathed what little hair he had left in Technu. Even after all this new infected sites are popping up and an "inactive" one of my leg has started to surface again as of yesterday.

After reading through the web site (thanks to everyone !) I realized that I may just have to be SUPER aggressive (daily laundry loads & 4 bleach showers a day) but if anyone has any additional words of advice, I'm all ears.

At my wit's end (Approved)Kristine Tom3/18/2009 2:59 pm
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