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poison oak (?) coming back after oral prednisone

Subject: poison oak (?) coming back after oral prednisone
Author: aster
Date: 11/12/2008 2:52 pm
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I got a rash all over my forearms and part of my torso about 3-4 weeks ago - very itchy, oozing blisters. I had been in the woods (including off-trail) a few days before so assumed it could be poison oak. I also do martial arts and thought I could've contracted impetigo or somesuch from pads or skin contact.

Went to the clinic. Both the nurse and doctor immediately said "poison oak" even after I suggested the impetigo possibility. They seemed totally certain. I declined the oral prednisone they recommended - but a few days after the rash got even worse, I filled the prescription. 20mg tabs, for 10 days with decreasing dose. Took it as instructed, rash went away. Finished them up last week, and lo and behold it's now coming back in full force. Some of it is in the same exact place as before (as if the prednisone just suppressed it temporarily), but there are a fair amount of oozing itchy blisters in new spots on my arms.

I called the nurse, who said she'd call in some steroid cream that I'm supposed to take for 10 days. I'm not thrilled about the prospect of more of that stuff in my system, but I'd also like to avoid another clinic visit (I'm uninsured).

My question is: has anyone else had their poison oak/ivy return after steroid treatment? I was *really* sensitive to the stuff as a kid. I know the oils are pretty tenacious, and have washed all my clothes probably 4 times, cleaned all surfaces, etc. It really seems that the rash was merely suppressed and is returning rather than a new infection. Any suggestions/advice?

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