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got Ivy Good

Subject: got Ivy Good
Author: rod
Date: 8/11/2008 10:49 pm
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Hi you all I been reading some of the posts about Poison Ivy.
I decided to post mine sicne I have a Poison Ivy rash.
I went camping in the Everglades and walking through the woods through some narrow paths.
I remember pulling some leaves off a small bush Poison Ivy and
crunched the leaf up. I sure it must of been Poison Ivy I seen some picture of it and look like it.
I in the lawn service and I get rashes all the time. But this time I worried. I never got a rash like this or did
anything this stupid before. Playing with Poison Ivy. To complicate matters the mosquitoes bit me good on my ankle real good
you see the lines they made. That where I got it bad is in the ankle because I had goves on the rubbed my ankle some.
I kind of late starting to treating it one day late. I thought it was
just the mosquitoes bites that where itching. For all my rashes I put the calomine lotion on them before I go to bed right away and give time to work
about 2 days. Now see I got poison Ivy all over me but it just starting in some places and a few bumps which are mostly on my ankle.
Well I hope that the Calomine lotion will do it's miracle for me. It itches bad but I never will scratch them.
I have the Calomine Lotion all over my body tonight and will sleep and let it work and will do the same thing the next night.
It was itching all day today real bad espesically where the bumps where.
To make matters worse I have to work outside and with this rash and pain that wants me to scratch it. I felt
like I going to go crazy to day when I was working.
email: ask@madecool.com

got Ivy Good (Approved)rod8/11/2008 10:49 pm