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Author: Kira
Date: 8/3/2008 4:13 pm
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I have the worst case anyone i know has ever seen, I have been on steroids and histamine blockers for four days and it is getting worse by the minute. I have mounds raised about 1/4 inch and hard from my waist down and it is still spreading after a week from exposure. I can't keep scalding myself in the shower, I want to peel my skin off, this is the most intense, awful pain I have ever experienced in my life. What should I do?

HHHHEEELLLPPPP!!!! (Approved)Kira8/3/2008 4:13 pm
  Re: HHHHEEELLLPPPP!!!! (Approved)John8/10/2008 8:45 pm
  Re: HHHHEEELLLPPPP!!!! (Approved)Brad9/3/2008 9:05 pm
  Re: HHHHEEELLLPPPP!!!! (Approved)Anne9/7/2008 1:40 pm