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Help!! How do I treat rash?

Subject: Help!! How do I treat rash?
Author: pam
Date: 7/31/2008 7:44 am
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I can count on one hand the number of times I've had poison ivy, but each time before this was so minor that a hot water treatment worked. This time around, I got a large rash on my foot before I realized I had poison ivy. It showed up on my leg and now I have it on both arms. I went searching on the internet to find some ways to combat this itch and after reading this site I am much more informed about how this works. However, now I have some concerns!! I didn't realize I had poison ivy until after I had large itchy bumps...does this mean that the oil could be anywhere in my apartment? I looked at some of the pictures of the rash on this site and mine is not as severe, but raised and filled with clear fluid. Should I pop these blisters? One popped on its own and seems to be clearing up much faster than the other filled ones. I have also been using Tecnu since it seemed so highly recommended. I bought it in a two pack with Calagel. I've followed the directions on both bottles...but it doesn't seem to be doing much of anything. I've also tried Ivarest and that took care of the itch, but didn't look at though it was making any progress with the rash. I'm a naturally itchy person, allergic to lots of stuff and I'm really nervous about this getting on my face!!! I am in-between insurance providers and won't be able to get to the doctors until September 1st. I think my paranoia is making this sooo much more unbearable. At this late stage, what can I do to get rid of my poison rash??!!

Help!! How do I treat rash? (Approved)pam7/31/2008 7:44 am