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Re: have anyone tryed this

Subject: Re: have anyone tryed this
Author: sherri
Date: 7/22/2008 10:16 am
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my 85 yr old neighbor has had PI more times than her wants to remember soooo when he showed me he had it last wk. I was shocked. I had it tooo. I went to the derm. & he didnt know what it was, said maybe some sort of bug bite. gave me some Sarna & sent me in for a lime test??? came back neg.
since my neighbor said hey where was I digging around & it was the same area of the yard he was at we now know its PI.
He gave me a bar of Fels-Naptha, laundry bar soap .79cents
Old school stuff I know. but it worked in controlling the spreading of this itchy rash. I lather up 3-4 times a day with cool water & rise but to act as a barrier so it wont keep spreading, he told me after I rise to lather up one more time & let it air dry on my leg & arm. this stops the itching for 5hours. I also have been washing everything in hot hot laundry soap per someones suggestion on this site. I dont want my bedding to give me more oils. Since I didnt know what I had until almost 2wks of it & 2 doctors appointments.
I have also tryed some burt bees PI soap. $8 a small bar.
this was because I was worried that the laundry soap might be toxic to my system. so now after 4days of the fels naptha, I also switch up with the burts stuff & this works nice as well. I leave on lather is good for this soap too.
good luck, I hope this helps someone out. be careful with anything that has chemicals in it, mostly on kids. It can make them have other skin or stomach ache reactions. I would only use the PI soap for a child.

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