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Getting poison off dog?

Subject: Getting poison off dog?
Author: Susan Wade
Date: 7/17/2008 10:46 am
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What a very funny bunch of people you are, I'm grateful for the ideas on how to treat poison oak. It's relentless, this urge to itch... so I'll try more of the suggestions and get back to this site with feedback. My question is, have any of you dealt with your dogs in an effective way? Our Malamute is the culprit, and a daily bath would be 1. traumatic for her and me since I'm the one to wash her, and she hates it, 2. a drag since she goes down that hillside every day, 3. perhaps the only alternative. wah. We do go on numerous romps at our local beach, but she doesn't go swimming, we run in the waves, so everything but her back gets washed off... am wondering if this is enough, do I have to suds her down every day she ventures down that hillside? Is she liable to get this poison on her skin and have reactions as well? Dogs skin tends to be very sensative. Has anyone had luck with just wiping your dog with a towel treated with something? Or spraying them with something like alcohol? It's possible she'll be the cleanest dog this side of the Sierra Nevada's. A daily bath is not my idea of a good time, but I could make sure the bigger waves crash into us as we run, if we don't drown in the process. Would love some feedback on treating the carrier of the oils, the dogs. For those of you with smaller dogs... no fair, they don't mind baths, I mean the big ones, like St. Bernards or something. Thanks.

Getting poison off dog? (Approved)Susan Wade7/17/2008 10:46 am