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Must Protect My 11 Month Old Son From Poison Ivy

Subject: Must Protect My 11 Month Old Son From Poison Ivy
Author: David
Date: 7/5/2008 8:14 am
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HOW DO I PROTECT MY 11 MONTH OLD SON and wife from contacting poison ivy oil that I may have unknowingly left on hard surfaces at home BEFORE realizing that I had become infected? If I understand correctly (from reading this website), the oil will not spread from my body after 15 minutes... but it will from hard surfaces for up to 5 years. THE ISSUE: After gardening, I walked into our home and my shoes were on the floor (where our baby crawls). My clothing went in the hamper, along with our baby's clothes. And so forth. Even the doorknob on the way in could now contain the oil... Am I over-reacting? Am I being pro-active? Or should I genuinely be concerned and learn how to clean up after this? Thank you for any advice.

Must Protect My 11 Month Old S (Approved)David7/5/2008 8:14 am