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Re: poison sumac and pregnancy?

Subject: Re: poison sumac and pregnancy?
Author: Visitor
Date: 7/3/2008 5:47 pm
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Concerning your issue with the spreading rash, I think your suspicion of possibly spreading it with "sheets" and "towels" is dead on. That, and also an overly sensitive reaction to the toxin, may have you re-experiencing the rash. I am no expert you see, but I have come in contact with poison ivy many times given where I live (Long Island). Poison Sumac -- for which I have not personally come in contact with -- was reported by my father, a tree surgeon, to be extremely STRONG and VERY PERSISTENT -- much more so than poison ivy. His entire work crew of himself and 4 others came into contact with Poison Sumac without really realizing it for some time. Among them was my cousin, Devin, who has fair skin. Devin was the hardest hit, and was bed ridden for a few days. According to my father, over the course of the next several days after initial contact, he and his men began to quickly understand that their clothing was harboring the toxins as they were re-experiencing their rashes over previously unaffected areas, like you, as well. Washing the infected clothes, apparently, was not very effective... according to him, many repeated washings were needed to eliminate the toxins. This, or either throwing out the infected materials. As far as your question about spreading the toxins on your skin to other parts for your skin after 8 days, I would have to guess that this would be improbable. Take care...

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