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Re: Still accepting photos for id?

Subject: Re: Still accepting photos for id?
Author: Rita Brasher
Date: 6/20/2008 7:36 pm
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Thanks Brian! I've taken several pictures. I've labeled what I believe is poison ivy and then identified the area that is questionable. All of the questionable ones are from the same source. I can't determine if it's poison ivy or perhaps boxelder??? Any help you can give is appreciated. Forgot to mention that I'm in Memphis, TN. I grew up with poison ivy in Wisconsin, but have never ever seen it as huge as I've seen here, assuming I've correctly identified it!!

Photos can be seen at
http : / /
s164 DOT photobucket DOT com/albums/u24/MemphisChik07/Poison%20Ivy/

I also posted at
www dot flickr dot com/photos/proud_mom

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Still accepting photos for id? (Approved)Rita Brasher6/19/2008 7:36 pm
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    Re: Still accepting photos for (Approved)Rita Brasher6/20/2008 7:36 pm