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Poison ivy contaminated house?

Subject: Poison ivy contaminated house?
Author: Pam
Date: 6/5/2008 4:28 pm
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I apparently picked up poison ivy Memorial Day weekend, but didn't realize for several days, when the first blisters appeared. Not even sure which day I was exposed, did yardwork on Sat. & Mon., SAW a poison ivy plant on Sat. stayed away from it (I thought!), but now suspect some other brush I was clearing had already touched the p.i. & later transferred to me. To be on the safe side I thoroughly washed my hands after, but the outbreak started on my inside elbow area.

Anyway, since I didn't think I touched anything, didn't wash those clothes right away, sat on the couch, chairs, didn't shower until the next morning, probably hugged the dog, may have re-worn some clothes I wore that day after showering, probably dropped contaminate clothing on the carpet, etc. When I did launder, I mixed the possibly contaminted clothes with other clothing, did not rinse the washer, only washed one time, dried them in the dryer - ! 12 days later, I am still nursing the original outbreak, but other smaller ones continue to appear. I am paranoid that my entire house is contaminated with the stuff by now & that could be the cause of these late outbreaks.

Yet, on the other hand, every outbreak has been only on the left side of my body - 99% on my left arm (1 in. circumference initial area, now just starting to get better, I think, plus several smaller streaks & bumps), tiny dot on left rib-cage area, a few bumps on my left thigh. Surely I would be breaking out on my face, hands, other side of my body if this nasty stuff was on the dog & all over the house? Also, my husband, who is definitely allergic to p.i., has not developed a rash. So if the house dog, washer & dryer were contaminated, surely he would have -?

Hope this means I just need to wait this out, not move out of the house & have it condemned! Seriously, I can try to clean areas I suspect could have been in contact with urushiol in those first few days, but I obviously can't "wash" the entire house. Anyone have thoughts, suggestions?


Poison ivy contaminated house? (Approved)Pam6/5/2008 4:28 pm
  Re: Poison ivy contaminated ho (Approved)Sandy6/18/2008 4:09 pm