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Subject: Follow up
Author: Kalai
Date: 5/26/2008 6:36 am
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Went to the ER room yesterday in pure desperation; the rash spread from my knee all the way up to below my left breast (again, I am breastfeeding my 5 month old). Determined to keep the rash off of her "bottles" I opted for the embarassment of going to the ER.

I walk in in a skirt up around my chest so it's lose hanging and a diaper wrapped around both arms; looking totally chic, let me tell you. The nurse jokes with me about being a city girl new to the country..yadda yadda and I lift my skirt up and she gasps. Say's "Oh my God!" then, she immediately takes me to a room (a room in the ER-that's hard to come by) and I take one of the diapers off my left arm. She is horrified and informs that I have the worst reaction to P.I. that she has ever seen. Next, the Dr and his nurse, they cringe and give the sympathetic-I'm-not-coming-near-you look and prescribe:

8ml of steriods
Oral steriods
and a topical to rub on 2x a day

My regret is not going in sooner. The visit to the Dr on Tuesday didn't touch this stuff, I needed much more.

This morning, my rash is a little crunchier than the previous day. I am thanking God every breath, because I really felt like death and now I can see that it is starting to retreat. I look like I'm covered in cigar burns.

Please don't let yourself get so miserable. Suck it up, get the shot in the butt and pray for relief.

FYI: I purchased many kinds of OTC drugs from Zanfel, Tecnu, Calagel....etc. Rubbed alcohol on the spots Saturday, helped the itch a bit...tried all the home remedies I found online. I guess mine was too much of a reaction to treat soley at home.

Good luck and thank you SOOOOOOOOO much for this site! I will be linking to it from my sites.


(My only complaint is the "Confirmation Image" I have submitted what I think it says 2x and keep getting an error message, there should be a "click for new word" button if the guests can read it..." Now, the 3rd time....

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