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Feeling like a fool - hung towel on poison ivy "tree"

Subject: Feeling like a fool - hung towel on poison ivy "tree"
Author: Edi
Date: 5/25/2008 9:31 pm
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Went camping this weekend. Hung some towels on a "branch" hanging from a tree...used the towels past couple of days. Used the towels on kids (I think).

Today my dh notices his towel on the "branch" and asks "what kind of vine is that?"

I have never had poison ivy before so I've never really been concerned about it and I sure never expected it to be so huge it would be wrapped around a tree with "branches". But I took some photos and the hairy vine pretty much clinched it for me once I got to civilization and checked things out.

After all this I do remember seeing a huge hairy vine on a trail walk that pointed out that it was P.I.

I feel like such a fool - plus definitely worried that we will all be breaking out soon - since we used the towels to towel off after showers and swimming.

No outbreaks yet - but I'm wondering what can be done in the meantime...

Feeling like a fool - hung tow (Approved)Edi5/25/2008 9:31 pm
  Re: Feeling like a fool - hung (Approved)stacy6/26/2008 8:29 pm