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Re: Do you think that I'll catch it...?

Subject: Re: Do you think that I'll catch it...?
Author: Debbie
Date: 5/19/2008 2:30 am
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No Michelle, you can't catch poison ivy. You will be fine. Nothing about it is contagious. The ONLY way you could get poison ivy from him is if you had contact with the invisible oil on his skin (before it blistered). That includes him lying on your bed. All is safe if he already had the rash. Even if his rash starts to ooze, the rash and the fluids are not contagious. Please use the search feature here on the site with my name if you have more questions. I wrote a lot of posts a few years ago and answered alot of questions in depth concerning treatment, etc. I would post more here but this confirmation thing is such a pain--I had to try 10 times just to post one answer. Good luck to both of you!

Do you think that I'll catch i (Approved)Michelle5/16/2008 10:52 pm
  Re: Do you think that I'll cat (Approved)Debbie5/19/2008 2:30 am