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Subject: contagious?
Author: Michelle
Date: 5/16/2008 10:51 pm
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My brother got poisin ivy on the back of his knees, it was kind of scaby and it didn't look swolen or pussy or anything. Since it is allergy season, I though it was exema. I applied his allergy cream for him to the area affected with poisin ivy. Today, I learned that it was ivy, not exema. I had applied the cream twice a week ago and once a few days ago. I think I washed my hands the time I did it a few days ago, but not the 1st time. Do you think that I will catch it if I havn't by now? He was also laying in my bed earlier today - could I catch it that way, too?

contagious? (Approved)Michelle5/16/2008 10:51 pm
  Re: contagious? (Approved)Sabrina5/25/2008 6:41 pm