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is it poison ivy?

Subject: is it poison ivy?
Author: Adam
Date: 5/11/2008 3:07 pm
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I am in Anderson, SC. I have a couple vines in my back yard. One is climbing a wooden trellis the other is claimbing a fence and competing with some star jasmine (and the potential ivy is winning). I have several poison Ivy rashes from working in the yard, but I am not sure where I got the rashes. I want to make sure that these are not the cause. I have a couple pictures, but could not pull up the confirmation image. Is there any way I can get the pics to you? Thanks!

is it poison ivy? (Approved)Adam5/11/2008 3:07 pm
  Re: is it poison ivy? (Approved)Brian5/12/2008 12:57 pm