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Re: When will it end?

Subject: Re: When will it end?
Author: Cory
Date: 5/8/2008 2:48 pm
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It sounds like you either still have the oils on your skin or you're re-exposing yourself. Like the previous poster said, wash EVERYTHING you might have come into contact with when you were exposed. All clothes, shoes, gloves should be washed in the washing machine. Anything like tools or door handles should be wiped down with something like alcohol/water or bleach/water. Wash the dog/cat. Wash and clean anything/everything. Secondly, wash and scrub yourself, in the shower, with something like dishwashing detergent to make sure all the oil is off your skin. Wash and rinse good. Regular soap won't necessarily do it. Take your time. Take a 30 minutes shower. Thirdly, just be good about washing your hands frequently after contacting things since you don't know where it might be. God forbid you pick up something you touched when you were exposed and you go to eat something or touch a friend or family member, or go to the bathroom...ugh.

Best of luck. I'm currently 2 days behind you, I'm on my second course of prednisone, but I think it's tapering off. I've got it on my lower arms and lower legs.

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