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Re: When will it end?

Subject: Re: When will it end?
Author: Will
Date: 4/30/2008 11:15 pm
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My rashes from poison ivy seem to be at their peak right around the two week mark after exposure so it is still possible that your skin is reacting to the original exposure. However, it is just as likely that whatever you were wearing or using the day you ran into the plant still has the plant's oil on it. I would wash everything thoroughly including your shoes, clothes, gloves, and tools. It might even be your dog that needs a bath. Also, scratching will definitely make it worse and will spread the poison ivy oil more. I find that placing a cold pack/ice pack on the itchy areas to relieve the itching very effectively and for long periods of time.

And be extra careful to avoid poison ivy in the near future because you will not be able to get the steroid for about six months to allow time for your adrenal glands to regulate themselves again.

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