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Subject: Check out this
Author: Ellis
Date: 4/14/2008 6:37 pm
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i got poison ivy, right after prom, right when i should just be worried about school, but no. dealing with this inconvenience has been more than a hassle, but a struggle. its been 16 miserable days trying to deal with this rash.. and now i look like a burn victim. my upper body has held up pretty well, some spots clearing, while little one are JUST NOW appearing. but as for my legs, the best description i can give you is; severe sunburn in spots, cuts and bruises, all mixed into one. its terrible, but thank god its not itching as much. but to let you all know, DONT USE CLOROX BLEACH. it was the stupidest thing i did out of all the "cures" out there. i think that was the worst thing ive done to myself, and it probably made it worse. sure it stung, which covered the itching.. but now i think i damaged my skin. ive been to the doctors, twice.. both times i was prescribed adorex and some creme; both were alright, but i dropped 75 dollars each time..
also, ivy dry felt pretty good the first days, then my ivy just started getting more inflamed. ive also tried MANY other products, and to tell you the truth.. the most promising thing was the oatmeal bath. i really didnt feel 'better' but my rash has faded somewhat. i also started scratching though, ignoring all the warnings about infection. i figured, i rather deal with an infection later, and not feel as miserable now. but ive been smart about it, im scratching with the top of a plastic bottle, and then taking a shower right after. i feel alot better, but now im collecting scabs all up and down my legs. still, im not worried about infection. im now relying all on prayers to get me through this. ive had 16 days of pain, itching, nonsleep, and ugliness. im looking forward the the end of week three, because thats when it should be almost gone, or at least thats what people say, but you never know until it happens. and as for now, pray, have faith, and bathe in oatmeal.

one question though...
does tecnu work after as long as i had it? i want to try it but i dont want to aggravate the ivy more than i have...

Check out this (Approved)Ellis4/14/2008 6:37 pm
  Re: Check out this (Approved)Sara4/18/2008 7:54 pm