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Re: poison ivy victim

Subject: Re: poison ivy victim
Author: Mehgan
Date: 4/7/2008 11:21 am
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Hi Karen,

I think you can rest assured that you will not die from poison ivy. The worst cases have to do with breathing in poison ivy and/or getting a secondary infection from scratching the rash (germs and bacteria get into the infected area causing a secondary infection.) After living through a HORRIBLE case of poison oak two years ago I can say that the best advice is for you to go to the hospital and ask the doctor if you should be taking a low dose of steroids to get rid of the itching/rash. Nothing else (creams, homeopathic remedies, cold showers) worked for me.

Good Luck!

poison ivy victim (Approved)karen4/6/2008 0:38 am
  Re: poison ivy victim (Approved)Mehgan4/7/2008 11:21 am