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poison what? and Other Questions?

Subject: poison what? and Other Questions?
Author: Lauren
Date: 3/18/2008 8:28 pm
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i have some poison right before my elbow (in between wrist and elbow...closer to elbow) and well i dont know what type it is (sumac, ivy, or oak)how can i find out?

also i went to the doctor and they gave me medication(steriod things) and creme and they are working great and i have only been using it for 2 days now...but i still dont know what kind it is?

also i dont know how i got it (i think maybe from a thorn becuase i got caught in many when hiking in the woods) .. but my poison something first started out like a big bite looking thing (like a oversized mosquio bite)what i was worried about is that it had a black dot in the middle of it(at one point i thought it was a spider bit;but that was before i went to the doctor) than it became a little bumpy all on it ...and then the bump started to get bigger and more bumps.. then it started to puss alot...also it started to spread...then the bumpstarted to get less raised up but still spreading ...now it is mostly bumps, but it still has the black dot and it is a dark purple in the center around the tiny black dot!.....

so really i want to know what it is and if you know how i maybe got it also what the black dot is and why does it have a dark purpley center around black dot??

poison what? and Other Questio (Approved)Lauren3/18/2008 8:28 pm