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Re: Healing Stage

Subject: Re: Healing Stage
Author: John Feldman
Date: 3/17/2008 5:27 am
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I used rubbing alcohol on my blisters with great success.

It rapidly dried them up and made things alot better.

I tend to et it early winter/late winter, when the soil is still damp, but temperatures jump up and down with the changing season.

Try rubbing alchohol, and dont be afraid to overdo it, I userd it wih phenomenal success, Also, it removes the liquid it weeps out.

I have poison ivy right now on my right leg. I contracted it friday. Todays sunday. Its weird. it jsut looks like a raised bump of skin, its like it skipped the whole rash stage, i hope i dont jinx it by saying this. But it just looks dried out right now. It itches like hell though.

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