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Poison Oak / Ivy, yah but what is it good for? Absolutely SOMETHING!

Subject: Poison Oak / Ivy, yah but what is it good for? Absolutely SOMETHING!
Author: JeffO
Date: 1/31/2008 4:46 pm
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During high school a wart grew on my hand so I went to the store and tried everything they had in order to try to remove it but nothing worked. Then the warts spread and I soon had warts on both hands. (about 12 warts in all.) I was very embarrassed so I went to a Doctors office to see what they could do. The Doctor told me they could freeze it off but it would take a few visits. I was determined to get rid of my warts so I decided to let them remove them. The Doctor charged me $75 a visit and I went a total of 8 times, thatís $600 I paid and the warts were still there. I felt extremely cheated because the Doctor was getting rich but he did nothing to help me, not to mention how painful the treatments were. After the eighth visit I decided to try something else.

I found a laser clinic that told me for $475 they would guarantee the wart removal and I could go back as many times as necessary if they ever grew back. They burned the warts off along with parts of my hand but once the wounds healed the warts came right back, I ended up going 4 or 5 times but they looked exactly the same as before the treatments.

I was desperate and pissed off because I had spent over $1,000 (which was most of my savings) and I still had warts, I didnít know where to go next because two Doctors failed to do what they were paid for and I didnít want to be scammed out of any more money.

As luck would have it I started breaking out with a bad case of acne at the time so my parents sent me to a dermatologist. During one of my sessions I figured that maybe he would know something about wart removal, I figured he would just tell me that he could freeze or burn them off but I was desperate so I asked. The Doctor took a look at the warts while I told him what I have done so far to try to remove them, then he looked me straight in the eyes and said with a little smirk I think I have just the thing that will help you. He left the room for a moment then came back with a little brown bottle with a clear liquid in it.

He told me, I want you to be very careful with this liquid, itís something I make myself and it is only to be applied to the largest wart and no-where else. Apply before bedtime then wrap the finger with a bandage so the solution has time to dry completely. You will see no reaction for the first week, but keep applying it once a day.

I did as he told me and he was right, nothing happened the first week, however soon after a liquid started to form below the warts, not just the one I applied the solution to but all of them. A few days later the liquid hardened and a few days after that all the warts fell off like scabs. I went back to the Doctor and asked what the heck is in that liquid, he smiled and told me poison oak. He explained that he simply diluted 3% poison oak in denatured alcohol, so basically I was applying poison oak to my wart for two weeks. He explained that everyone had a certain amount of immunity to poison oak which is why it takes time for the body to react, and because the poison oak was deluded my exposure was pretty small, however once it begins to react then as a natural course of action it removes the warts.

But how did it remove the warts that I didnít apply the solution to? Poison oak goes into the blood stream it works on all warts, not just the ones itís applied to. He explained to me that it hasnít failed him, he gets tons of cases where patients were sent by other Doctors who couldnít help them, but poison oak has never failed him. Not only did poison oak cure my warts, but the Doctor didnít even charge me for the solution. So the next time anything thinks that poison oak or ivy has no purpose but to torture people, think again. To this day I am wart free because of it.

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