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Get urusiol oil out of Leather

Subject: Get urusiol oil out of Leather
Author: Chad
Date: 11/5/2007 11:22 am
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I'm a very avid Mountain Biker and I've been riding for about 15
years now. Well this June I had a crash where I flip into a great
deal of poison Ivy. I managed not to break out to bad because
I scrubbed myself down with Liquid Dish Soap in a Flowing Stream
within 15 minutes (This breaks down the Poison Ivy Urushiol Oil
so it can break away from the skin). I carry a small miniature
bottle of Liquid Dish Soap and Alcohol in my CamelBak for this
very reason.

Anyways, I washed all my Clothes twice including my Shoes and
CamelBak but I seem to keep reinfecting myself. I'm thinking
that my Suede leather Mountain Bike shoes have absorbed the Ivy
Urushiol Oil and I can't get it out. From what I have read,
Leather is like human skin and it's really hard to get Ivy
Urushiol Oil out of. Can anyone recommend something to get Poison
Ivy Urushiol Oil out of leather products.....

Thank you.......

Get urusiol oil out of Leather (Approved)Chad11/5/2007 11:22 am
  Re: Get urusiol oil out of Lea (Approved)Brian11/7/2007 2:00 pm