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burning and prickly skin, no rash

Subject: burning and prickly skin, no rash
Author: Joe Bach
Date: 11/4/2007 11:04 am
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I pulled plant from my garden yesterday (early November - in S/W Ontario). I didn't recognize it and it wasn't something I had planted. I grabbed the plant by the base and pulled it out. Instantly my hand felt like it was burning. I washed the area with soap a couple of times and the burning seem to fade a little. It didn't completely go away though. Later that night there was still a slight burning feeling but mostly the skin in the area felt like pins and needles. I am writinh this the next morning. The feeling has lessened but I still feel the pins and needles when I touched the area of bend my hand. Any thoughts. I have looked at the poison Ivy, Oak and Sumach pictures. None seem exactly right but the Ivy is the closest. the plant was about 2 ft tall and had the small white/green buds. This is day two and I don't see an y signs of a rash nor is the area itchy.

burning and prickly skin, no r (Approved)Joe Bach11/4/2007 11:04 am
  Re: burning and prickly skin, (Approved)Brian11/7/2007 2:02 pm