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Help !!!

Subject: Help !!!
Author: Christine
Date: 10/7/2007 5:35 pm
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My puppy has been getting this rash on him for a few weeks now...and now my husband has it. He noticed that every time he walks by the overgrown lot next door and brushes up a bush he has a new outbreak. We are 99% sure the lot is infested with poison oak.

I know you have to kill it at the root however if he cuts all the branches down so he can kill the root will the detached branches and leaves stay alive? He is disposing of them in the woods attached to the lot we are next to. Will they eventually die since they have been cut off from the root?

Help !!! (Approved)Christine10/7/2007 5:35 pm
  Re: Help !!! (Approved)Brian10/8/2007 10:19 am