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if left untreated?

Subject: if left untreated?
Author: Chris
Date: 9/25/2007 2:32 pm
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I came into contact with poison ivy 10 days ago when I fell into a ditch. At first it was just a couple of bumps along my wasteline so I thought it was just chigger bites but then soon exploded down my right butt and in the upper crack(gross I know) a little on my stomach and front waistline and a little on my left buttock, my neck, my ears and my face and was on my eye. Also a couple spots on my arms. It was really horrible for awhile and I was terrified when I looked into the mirror and saw the skin on my right back side was red and one giant looking hive. After a miserable weekend I went to the doctor on Monday reluctantly because I am a poor college kid with no health insurance and after having the doctor look at me for 2 seconds then slapping me with a hundred dollar bill for it faxed in a prescription. I am afraid I can't afford the medication. Since this weekend the rash has not spread anywhere new and for the most part has stopped itching(except a few times when I am sleeping) and is starting to go down a bit What was on my eye is now gone. Is there any cause for concern if I wait it out for a bit longer? Does it go away on its own eventually?

if left untreated? (Approved)Chris9/25/2007 2:32 pm
  Re: if left untreated? (Approved)Chris9/25/2007 5:34 pm